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[IP] animas pump batteries

I have had my animas pump for 15 months and all the batteries have lasted for
three months - give or take just a few days either way.   It is amazing to me
how each set has lasted almost the identical amount of time.  I do use the
backlight during the night some.  I have the screen on the "shorter" timeout
on the display.  The length of time they last will vary with each individual
depending on your total units used during the day, what your basal is set at,
etc.  (I have a very low basal rate)  I have always waited for the low battery
alarm to go off as then you still have plenty of time to change the batteries
before you have any problems.  I always carry four extra batteries in my purse
and have an additional four at home (just in case the one back-up set would be
a bad set of batteries)  One thing I do though, is when I replace the
batteries I count ahead exactly three months and put a "sticky note" on my
calendar that it is three months from battery replacement.  Then if I would be
happening to go on vacation, something very out of the ordinary day, etc. I
could change the batteries before receiving the alarm if need be.  I  I have
always used batteries from Wal-mart.
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