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[IP] Record keeping

Hi fellow pumpers

Recent emails about the EzManager s/ware on the IP list caught my attention. I'm wrestling with trying to keep better track of my records for personal reference & insulin profile adjustment purposes. I currently use a paper logbook system (master available Insulin Pumpers website) but while this should be relatively easy to keep up to date, life's pressures often mitigate against this & so I have gaps which are difficult to catch up (gathering data from my 508 is a slow & tedious task). Also data handling & interpretation is a lot more difficult via the paper route. I recently borrowed a Palm Pilot & tried another diabetes management application. The problem I had with that experience was that I had to keep on changing the time on the PDA when entering data from my glucometer &/or pump. I suppose the only way around this is to enter the data as soon as possible after obtaining a glucose reading of giving a bolus etc. But that's not always possible in the realities of life.  Ideally I'd like something which can capture wireless signals from both pump & glucometer - but that's dreaming at present. 

Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone out there would like to share what works for them in this area of keeping records. Maybe I'm overlooking something about the PDA route that I could try so as to get over this data handling difficulty.

- Leszek Vincent (dx'd 05/'85, pumping since 12/'00 with Tigger)
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