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[IP] spreadsheet - any expert?

Thanks Kerri - you completed my question. If it could be done
by a simple calculator or not, what is necessary in order to
sell that spreadsheet done by that lady? If you put your data
in and personalize it... Can any expert say something?
Carlos Augusto <email @ redacted>
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 09:29:51 -0800
From: maverickmom <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] spreadsheet 

Doesn't he mean something that you could program with your
own carb/insulin ratio, bg/carb ratio, and insulin
sensitivity factor so that when you tell it what your bg is
and/or how many carbs you ate, it can calculate the bolus
(or grams of carb needed, if low)?

Carlos said:
I would like to know from whoever knows about it, please:
if something like this spreadsheet is useful to calculate
the amount of insulin, and the lady wants to sell it, what
does she need to do?

Michael said:
I would think it more likely that it would be against the
law for a software engineer to design a program that would advise a
patient to use a particular amount of a drug without a doctors
supervision and approval. That would be practicing medicine without a
liscense - a serious offense.

Michael English said:
Wouldn't a calculator work, not sure why there's a need for a 
spreadsheet to calculate amount of insulin need for a particular meal. 
Maybe I'm missing something here, luckily my ratio is 1:10,  easy to figure. Just my opinion
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