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  1) HOW many basal rates do you all set?
  [Justin and Amy Boswell]
  As many as your child needs!:P  Riley is currently on 3 different basal
rates.  He has reverse dawn phenom. so his needs increase b/t midnight and 3
am, than decreases (the growth hormone peaks in children, it's theorized, at
that time). This is very much a YMMV thing, there is no *right* amt of basal
rates-just what works for your child.  Btw, just because your child is on
several rates doesn't mean they are out of control-I've actually had a mom
(whose child was pumping) tell me that Riley must be very brittle & it's not
normal since her child was only on 2 rates-huh????

  2) When you make basal adjustments, what fraction (.1 , .2, .3) and etc do
you make them with?  With Ultralente I would adjust in .25 units for three
days before making another change.  For how many hours at a time do you do
the adjustment?
  I won't make changes without calling the CDE because I want to learn as
much as I can about how she thinks about the basals.  Just curious right
  [Justin and Amy Boswell]
  We do it in .1 increments (that is the lowest his pump goes).  I change
the basal rate 2-3 hours prior to the number I'm wanting to correct & if I
see a pattern over a period of 2 days (ruling out insulin, tubing, site
issues, illness, etc) I will change basals.  I also do basal testing every 3
mos to make sure that his needs haven't changed either.

  3) Did you all do all the fasting test?   Til what time in the morning did
you hold breakfast?
  [Justin and Amy Boswell]
  I just let him sleep as long as he wants!:O)  As long as his numbers look
good, I don't bother him.  He doesn't need to be on a schedule anymore since
he's not on MDI's (this was hard for me to adjust to initially!<G>).

  Gabe was sad last night; he says he misses his injections and wants an
injection for "old times" sake.  I told him I would inject his breakfast or
any other meal he wants.
  He might change his mind, but I do understand him.  It was a kind of
closeness having Mom stop and do the injection.  He did hate the Ultralente
shots; both he and I agree on that.

  [Justin and Amy Boswell]
  He must take comfort in the familiar?  It is kind of scary to start
something new and this is a BIG change for him.  He'll eventually get used
to it and not think a second thing about it!:O)  Btw, Riley sleeps with his
pump in his pocket or it lays in the bed next to him.  He is not a belt/clip
kind of kid, he's always preferred putting it in his pocket-the trick is
buying only clothing with pockets!<G>

  Take care,
  Amy-mom to Tyler-8, Riley-6(dx'd 7-1-99&pumping 20 mos), Mason-4, Cailin
Rose-almost 3, & Lane-2 mos
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