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> Gabe and Victoria are sleeping peacefully.  We checked every three
> hours last night..  Interestingly enough, he has been hypo all night
> (55-70) and we have been correcting with glucose.  HE IS TAKING 1/2
> the amount of BASAL insulin with the pump than he took with
> Ultralente (he was on two 12 unit injections of Ultralente and the
> pump basals total 11.5).  It has been 24 hours since the last
> Ultralente injection, so the results will be a little more accurate
> today than yesterday when that stuff clears out.
> 1) HOW many basal rates do you all set?

Lily usually had 3 - 4 basals

Dawn - morning

sometimes afternoon and evening would be the same. When she was 
growing we would set a temp basal for a couple of hours when whe went 
to bed as her insulin requirements would peak immediately after she 
fell asleep -- resulting in a high later if she did not get the extra 
insulin. Since her bed time was variable, this was the only way to 
make it work.
> 2) When you make basal adjustments, what fraction (.1 , .2, .3) and
If you are close anyway, 0.1 can be a big change.

for 8 hours of sleep, it may mean almost a unit or 50-100 bg points 
depending on ratios.

Lily's nights were always set so her bg's would rise slightly 25-50 
points during the night. This was an attempt on our part to 
compensate for the variability in her insulin needs due to incessant 
sports activity almost every day.

> 3) Did you all do all the fasting test?   Til what time in the
> morning did you hold breakfast?

Breakfast was skipped completely and Dad brought whatever fast food 
she wanted to school for at picnic, usually late so that the fasting 
run would last until 1 or later. -- It's hard, but it is not 
necessary very often. All data must be duplicated to be considered 
valid so doing it again a few days later IS necessary. The numbers 
don't have to be the same, just the shape of the curve.

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