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Gabe and Victoria are sleeping peacefully.  We checked every three hours last 
night..  Interestingly enough, he has been hypo all night (55-70) and we have 
been correcting with glucose.  HE IS TAKING 1/2 the amount of BASAL insulin 
with the pump than he took with Ultralente (he was on two 12 unit injections 
of Ultralente and the pump basals total 11.5).  It has been 24 hours since 
the last Ultralente injection, so the results will be a little more accurate 
today than yesterday when that stuff clears out.

1) HOW many basal rates do you all set?

2) When you make basal adjustments, what fraction (.1 , .2, .3) and etc do 
you make them with?  With Ultralente I would adjust in .25 units for three 
days before making another change.  For how many hours at a time do you do 
the adjustment?
I won't make changes without calling the CDE because I want to learn as much 
as I can about how she thinks about the basals.  Just curious right now.

3) Did you all do all the fasting test?   Til what time in the morning did 
you hold breakfast?

Gabe was sad last night; he says he misses his injections and wants an 
injection for "old times" sake.  I told him I would inject his breakfast or 
any other meal he wants.
He might change his mind, but I do understand him.  It was a kind of 
closeness having Mom stop and do the injection.  He did hate the Ultralente 
shots; both he and I agree on that.


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