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[IP] Re: Mastisol

To all the folks in Pump Land - please give me your suggestions on how to
apply Mastisol.
I swim laps almost every day for 45 min. to one hr.
I have started using Mastisol to help the infusion site stay attached to my
It work great - this is the third time that I have applied Mastisol during
an infusion site change.
I have also learned that Mastisol is difficult to deal with.
I apply Mastisol after I have inserted the quick - set needle. The glue
comes out like water when I squeeze the bottle.
I quickly take my finger and smear the stuff around the needle area where
the tape is going to be applied. I let the stuff dry for
30-45 seconds while holding the hub of the needle with my other hand.. I
then apply the tape with sticky fingers. I have the following problems:
     1. Sticky fingers make the tape difficult to handle.
     2. The area around the infusion site where the Mastisol has been
applied and the tape did not cover is sticky - sometimes
         my clothes will stick to the area for several hours.

Is there an applicator available that may help me apply the Mastisol?
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