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[IP] How to NOT get your Hotmail account shut off

To our members who use Hotmail, you have a 2 mb Mail box and once that becomes full Hotmail will start "bouncing" your IP mail.  After three days your subscription will 
be changed to Digest.  After one week of Digests being bounced you will be unsubscribed.  To avoid this, it is:

Time to move Hotmail messages to your local computer.

You may choose to archive and store Hotmail messages on your personal computer by using local folders.  This way you can save as many messages as you want!  To 
archive your messages, follow these steps:

To add a folder, click the File menu, point to New and then click Folder.
In the Folder name text box, type in a folder name such as "Archived Pumpers Mail". 

Select Local Folders as the location to create the new folder, then click OK. 

Go to your Hotmail inbox folder in Outlook Express, select and highlight all messages you would like to store on your personal computer.
Drag the set of messages to the folder you just created within Local Folders. 
The messages will be downloaded and transferred to your local computer. 

Besides making these messages available when you are not "online", this will lessen the workload for Michael and he will have more time to devote to developing this 

Thanks for reading this,     :>)

George Lovelace
IP Volunteer Admin
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