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[IP] Rich Weil to address NYC pump club

Thanks to our friendly neighborhood Marathoner, David Weingard, we have a 
VERY exciting program planned for our next meeting!!  Rich Weil will be 
joining us to share his extensive background in physiology b specifically as 
to how it relates to Type 1 diabetes and exercise programs.    Rich has 
worked in most all of the NYC Diabetes centers and is considered an expert on 
this topic.

Dave has offered to lead a bpreparatoryb session prior to Rich joining us. 
Below are 
some ideas below for us all to consider in advance of the meeting.  Both Dave 
and I ask you to take some time to think about these questions, so that the 
March 4th meeting will be even more enjoyable!

Questions that you might want to consider:
-   What are your life goals and how does exercise fit in?
-   Do you have separate athletic goals?
-   What type of exercises do you enjoy?  (channel surfing does NOT count)
-   What diabetic-related factors affect your exercise and how do you address 
- Is your exercise routine working for you?   I.e. Type of insulin, time
of day, nutrition, etc....
-   What have you learned from your exercise as a diabetic?

There will be a $10 requested contribution (for a fun item to be explained on 
March 4th), but if you can't or are unable to contribute, you can still 
attend.  We do need to have a good turn out at this event, so please let me 
know if you are coming, and if you are, if you will be able to make a 
financial contribution

Location:  Good Shepard Episcopal Church on 31st street between 
2nd and 3rd Avenue.  240 E. 31st street (south side of street). Please 
remember that the door buzzer is in the UPPER RIGHT HAND corner...Dave will 
begin his prep session at our regular start time of 6:30 and Rich arrives at 

If you have specific topics and/or questions that you would like addressed by 
Rich, please email them directly to Dave Weingard.  His email address is 
email @ redacted 

With such a special and talented guest, please 
spread the word!   We want to have a full group for this exciting event, and 
everyone is invited, i=even if you have never attended our group before

Also, as discussed at the February meeting, Dave is working on setting up the 
Family/Significant Other Group and the tentative date for that is Monday June 
3rd...gives you some time if you need to dig up a significant other, like 
me....heh heh

Please rsvp to me (Sara) and i will send another reminder out later in the 
month. I just want you all to try and be there is you can!

Sara Falconer
(today is VD, so i must be back in NYC)
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