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[IP] advice from runners

I run (or go to the gym) for an hour almost every morning between 8-9 AM. 
This is what I do, fairly successfully, but YMMV!!! My usual basal from 5
AM-1PM is .3. I get up and test between 7-7:30; if below 120, I use a
temporary basal of .1 for 2 hrs, if between 120-150, I use .2, and if over
150, I keep it at .3.  If below 100, I eat a couple of crackers (15 g.
carb). I rarely have any serious lows. A few times, when under 100, I've
just disconnected for an hour with no problem, but usually I keep the pump
on. This probably won't work for most people because my TDD is only14U, but
for whatever it's worth... Mary R. 
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