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Re: [IP] alternate sites for fingersticks

there should be a clear cap that goes with the Ultra lancing device. if you
use that, put it on the skin, poke your arm with the lancet and hold the
lancer tight against your arm for several seconds, a drop of blood should
appear. If this fails, you can "milk" your arm. How you do this is press and
hold the lancer against your arm, poke your arm, hold for a few seconds,
release pressure by pulling the lancer away from your arm (while still
maintaining contact with the skin) then press down hard against the arm again.
you may have to do this several times until a large enough drop appears...also
what will help is to massage your arm prior to poking it.

It is good to hear from you girl, I haven't talked to you for a while. Glad to
know that you are still among us! ;-) hehehe

Cherry & Jubilee
  ----- Original Message -----
  From: Amee Lynn Woodard

   I tried once on my arm with my regular lance, and I
  couldn't get blood.
  Amee Woodard
  junior Dietetics major, University of Delaware
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