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<<My 11 yr old son was just prescribed once a day claritin for allergies.  
web page stated it, "should be used with caution with people with diabetes
mellitus". Also states that its effectiveness and safety have not been
established in children under 12.  Anyone use it and how does it affect
blood sugar?  PS.  We tried the nasal sprays with poor results.

Hi Kathy,
     You have received lots of helpful comments already, but I'll add my 2 
cents!  Claritin Kids is sold as an over-the-counter drug in Canada, so has 
been proved safe here. 
      My son, non DM-er, now age 12 has had bad allergies since birth, with 
IgE levels over 2000.  He has been prescribed daily use of Claritin in 2 
countries, Canada and the UK (where it is spelled as Clarityn).  We were told 
in the UK to take the Clarityn daily and use the nasal spray Fluonase 
(Flixonase) as needed.  
     Last summer we finally saw a paediatric allergist for the first time.  
The man was awful, was rude and only spoke a few words to me.  But he said to 
not bother with the daily Claritin and to use the Fluonase daily, and this 
does seem to be effective for my son, whose symptoms are mainly nasal 
blockage.  Other things that the paediatrician tried for my son was a daily 
dose of Singulaire.  It is a new anti-asthma drug for children and is 
sometimes effective with allergies.  
     Hope that something helps your child which doesn't worsen bg control. 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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