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Re: [IP] advice from runners?

> I would very much appreciate some advice for keeping my bg in a good
> range while running.

I'm assuming you keep your pump on while exercising, correct?

Here's what I usually do in the summers (I play Ultimate Frisbee, LOTS of

I generally eat about 2 hours before I play and bolus like normal. If I
know I'm going to be playing hard, I will lower my basals .2-.3 units. I
usually play for about 90 minutes, running most of the time, sprinting
some of the time. If I eat 'good food' and not junk, I usually end up
about 60-100 after exercise which isn't *too* bad.

I wait about an hour or so after exercise to jump my basals back up and
generally eat a full meal afterwards. (It keeps the spiking to a minimum.)

This works for me most of the time...

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