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[IP] re: pump failure 508

I've been feeling a lot of frustration about my 508.  I've had it 15 months
and 5 of those months, it's been "in the shop" for repair on 2 separate
occasions.  I've always asked for my original to be returned as the loaners
'feel' different.

The problems I've experienced have been with the buttons not working.  After
being on the pump for 8 months with no problems, the "ACT" button quit
working, although the pump kept my basals running just fine.   Without
hesitation, MM sent me a loaner the next day.  I appreciate their terrific
customer service.  When my original was returned, 2 months later, it worked
fine for 1 month before the ACT button stopped working again.  Again, a
loaner was sent to me overnight.

While borrowing this loaner, I went out of the country this past  January
and thankfully had the foresight to ask for a "travel loaner" as a back-up.
Well, as fate (or bad luck, or my strange magnetism?) would have it, the
loaner died, with similar problems all of you have mentioned.  The screen
went blank and even after inserting new batteries, it wouldn't stay powered
up.  Unfortunately my "travel loaner" was not a 508 as I had expected, but a
507C which does not have the capabilities to use the remote.  I was bummed,
because it was that very day I needed to use the remote as we were going
snorkeling and sunbathing in the Caribbean.  At least I had a working pump

When we arrived back home, a message from MM was waiting for me saying that
my original was ready to come home.

I've had it now for nearly 5 weeks and it works just like I expect it to.

I called MM to express my frustration about how I feel I may have made a
mistake about choosing a MM pump and lack of availability of Quick Sets.  I
reassured the customer service person that I've never been unhappy with
their customer service dept.  I'm still unsure if I'll purchase another MM
in the future, but I've got another 3 1/2 years to make that decision.

By the way, someone asked about preferences of sets.  I love the QS (in the
shorter lengths), as they can easily be disconnected with one hand.  The
Sof-Sets worked great, but I had difficulty disconnecting for showers as 2
hands are needed to operate the luer lock and my favorite sites are my
hips... where just one arm can reach.

Tulsa, OK

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> Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 19:00:22 -0500
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> Subject: [IP] re: pump failure 508
> Any response from Minimed on this apparent rash of pump failures?
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