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Re: [IP] Laser photocoagulation

> From: Terri Brown > 
> I am going to have some bleeding in my eyes lasered
> next month.  Anyone who has had this done could you
> tell me all about it?  Do you feel the lasers, are
> you able to drive  by the next day, etc.  My eyes
> are so sensitive to light that I am really worried

My experience immediately after laser treatment was feeling a 
little like my eyes were a bit swollen and having a minor headache.
While being lasered, I didn't feel the laser, although I sure did the
see the pinpoint flashes of light . The doctor told me that if I wanted
to stop for the day at any time, just let him know and he would stop.  
I never had to ask him to stop. I never had any problem driving or 
seeing by the day after.  

I went weekly for a couple of months. One day he lasered both my eyes.
My pupils were widened with eyedrops and were extremely sensitive 
to light for several hours.  I would consistently take the last slot in
his appointment schedule for the day, since my eyes were so sensitive
to light and I wouldn't be useful at work. Sunglasses were a must for 
the trip home.

Try not to worry. I've had much more difficult experiences at the dentist,
and the dentist is relatively simple for me. I go for checkups every 6 
months with the doctor.  I used to go every 3 months until after I 
started on the pump.  My eyes are stable.  Dr. Uram says I will 
most likely never have a retinopathy problem again.
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