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Re: [IP] claritin caution?

> Kathy,
> The FDA, Physician's Desk Reference, and other sources of drug study
> and information, have to, by law, report ANY kind of a reaction in
> as little as 1% of the study group. Under most circumstances these
> "small" reactions are about the same as a placebo .... sugar pill.
> The problem I have with your message lies with the prescribing
> physician. If the medication is not intended for use in children
> under the age of 12, then why was it prescribed for your child? 

duh..... Humalog is not indicated for use in pumps, yet 90% of the 
members of the forum have had it prescribed by their physicians.

The pulmonary pediatric unit as Lucille Packard Children's Hospital --
Stanford routinely prescribes Claritan for it's patients including 2
of my boys.

One must remember that once as drug is approved for market, any 
physician can prescribe if for any purpose. The approval process is
specific to the study used to apply for the approval and means that
the company that sought the approval may only MARKET the drug for the
approved purpose. The approval says NOTHING whatsoever about the
efficacy of the drug for any purpose other than the precise approval.
A drug may be great for something or lousy for something, the drug
company is not allowed to say and it is up to the doc to figure it
out. Even if studies are done which prove or disprove efficacy for
another purpose, the drug company must remain mum unless an
application is submitted to the FDA and approved for that treatment.
That's not to say that the study results can not be distributed --
that's how it's done.

There are several studies of Claritin (loratidine) in children 
including pre-school age, most appear to have positive outcomes.  see 
PubMed -- search page of the website, take the "other search engines" 

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