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[IP] Diabetes Management software

Ok folks,

I see TONS of questions about diabetes management software
flying around on IP these days.

Look at the links on the IP web page
Scroll down to the heading "Diabetes Software - Evaluations and Downloads".

Also, try http://www.mendosa.com/software.htm  This site has
a LOT of links to all kinds of diabetes related software.

If you are looking for stuff that runs on the Palm OS (Palm
Pilots, Handsprings, etc.), then try www.palmgear.com.

A review of 10 different packages that run on the Palm OS
will be posted to the IP web page in the next few days. This
includes what I call the "big 3" (GlucoPilot, DiabetesPilot,
and ezManager).

Stay tuned for a message that announces it has arrived there.

John Hughes

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