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[IP] Re: ezManager Reports

Are you looking specifically for software for the Palm
Pilot platform?  Or a windows based program?

On the Palm, GlucoPilot, DiabetesPilot, & ezManager all
collect data that can then be transfered to a Windows
program to produce reports and/or graphs.  The latest
version of ezManager v2.6 allows you to print graphs
over some time period and not just for a single day.

GlucoPilot and DiabetesPilot both export data into a
format that can be read by Excel, or other spreadsheet
programs, and then you can produce custom reports or
graphs (charts in Excel).

If you are looking for something that strictly runs on
Windows, try looking at bgTracker.  ezManager is available
for download at


GlucoPilot can be obtained from

DiabetesPilot can be obtained from

There are links on the IP web page to all of these programs
except ezManager.

See http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/links.shtml
and scroll down to the area with the heading called
"Diabetes Software - Evaluations and Downloads".

I hope this helps.

John Hughes

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