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[IP] Medtronic MiniMed President and Wife Pledge More Than $1M to American Diabetes A

ALEXANDRIA, VA (January 25, 2002) -- The American Diabetes Association 
announced today that Terrance H. Gregg and Louise Cotting-Gregg, of Los 
Angeles, California, have pledged a total of $1,050,000 for the study of 
diabetes and pregnancy, to the American Diabetes Association Research 
Foundation. Our family has been passionate about the fight against diabetes 
for years, and we plan to continue doing our best to make a difference in 
the diabetes community. We hope this gift to the American Diabetes 
Association Research Foundation will help lead to further medical advances 
that improve the lives of women with diabetes and their children, said Mr. 
and Mrs. Gregg.

This gift culminates many years of personal and professional support for 
causes related to diabetes by Terry and Louise Gregg. In addition to helping 
with local and national programs in the diabetes community, Mr. Gregg sits 
on the Associations Research Foundation Board of Directors. As President of 
Medtronic MiniMed, a world leader in insulin pump therapy and continuous 
glucose monitoring systems, headquartered in Northridge, California, Mr. 
Gregg also devotes his professional life to improving the lives of those 
affected by diabetes. In recognition of his commitment to families living 
with the challenges of diabetes, Mr. Gregg will be honored by the 
Associations Los Angeles office as a Father of the Year at an Association 
dinner reception on June 6, 2002.

Diabetes during pregnancy is a serious condition that can lead to a myriad 
of health problems for both the pregnant mother and her child. Pregnancy 
demands more insulin in the body, because of the increased production of 
hormones that can lead to insulin resistance. Between 3 to 5 percent of 
pregnancies among women with diabetes result in newborn mortality within 28 
days, compared to a rate of 1.5 percent for women who do not have diabetes. 
In addition, because of the increased risk of large birth weight in diabetic 
pregnancies, pregnant women with diabetes are 3 to 4 times more likely to 
have a cesarean section than the general population.
In its efforts to fund the most groundbreaking scientific research, the 
American Diabetes Association will use the Gregg donation to identify and 
fund research projects that could lead to improvements in health outcomes 
related to pregnancy and diabetes. The Research Foundation has a unique 
ability to match a donors interests with cutting edge research projects 
that might otherwise lack funding, said Davida F. Kruger, MSN, APRN, 
BC-ADM, Chair of the American Diabetes Association Research Foundation. The 
Greggs remarkable effort to help women with diabetes is an important 
example of the passion and commitment that makes diabetes research 

The ADA Research Foundation was established in 1994 to provide focus to the 
Associations research effort and to raise gifts solely for diabetes 
research. The mission of the Associations Research Foundation is to fund 
research that will improve the lives of those with diabetes and ultimately 
find a cure for the disease.

Diabetes is a chronic disease and a silent killer. Sixteen million Americans 
have diabetes and more than 800,000 are newly diagnosed each year. Diabetes 
is the nations fifth deadliest disease, killing almost 200,000 people 
annually. A major risk factor for heart disease and stroke, diabetes is also 
the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure and amputations.
The American Diabetes Association is the nations leading voluntary health 
organization supporting diabetes research, information, and advocacy. 
Founded in 1940, the Association has offices in every region of the country, 
providing services to hundreds of communities. For more information about 
the Association and the diabetes research program, please visit 
www.diabetes.org or call 1-800-DIABETES (1-800-342-2383).

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