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[IPn] New mail lists

Insulin Pumpers has added 3 new mail list services to provide 
additional specialized forums for you. Each of the lists has the same 
regular, digest and browser subscriptions available that you now 
have with the main list. You can find the sign-up for each on the 
MAIL page of the web site, or just drop a note to 


to have your name added to a particular list. The three list 
groupings are as follows:


this list has been around for a while, but there was no provision on 
the MAIL page to subscribe. You should be a member of one of the 
other regular lists as well since the traffic is low on Spiritl. 

The list is for the discussion of Diabetes and
Spirituality. Because this topic is potentially divisive, it
is not allowed on the regular lists since commonly the
discussions diverge or are considered off-topic. The Spirit
mail list considers these matters to be on-topic.

ip-aus     aka     ip-australia

Insulin Pumpers list devoted to the specific needs of
those living in the Australia seeking information
about diabetes, the insulin pump, and the in's and out's
of the Australia's care system.

pop     aka     parents-of-pumpers

This list is for parents of pumpers to discuss the trials,
tribulations, joys and successes of their pump-kids. I encourage ALL 
parents to join this list. Let's give it a jump start.

My regards to all of you,

email @ redacted
Insulin Pumpers web site http://www.insulin-pumpers.org