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[IP] Freestyle---Cadbury Creme Eggs--Eggrolls

I like the Freestyle machine.  My endo gave me a free one and MiniMed 
supplies the strips.  I also use the Ultra.  Very good one also.  I  use the 
Ultra when playing duplicate bridge.  My partner is an excellent player, just 
slow with the bidding and play.  With the Ultra I can get results in 5 
seconds, before she even has her hand sorted.
I have never had a problem with depression.  Been taking insulin since the 
summer of 1956.  Started the MiniMed 508 in January 2001.  Sure do wish my 
insurance would have paid for it years ago.  I take zestril for mild high BP, 
timoptic for the eyes and fosamax for the bones.  I have had 2 detached 
retinas (same eye) and cataract operations in both eyes. 
Now it is near Easter and I find comfort in those Cadbury Creme Eggs.  I just 
bolus 2 units for each one.  I try to do the treadmill at least 4 times a 
week.  Just started using it on an incline.  Now there is a workout!
Somewhere I have a great recipe for egg rolls.  Since I am 3 score years old, 
I have a tough time finding things from years ago.  When I find the recipe, I 
will post it.  Making your own egg rolls  is a fun thing to do and if I can 
do it without making too much of a mess in the kitchen, well, anybody can.
Jim Durr
Liverpool, NY

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