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[IP] Re: Pump Malfunction

Now I am wishing 
we had gotten the Diestronic so we would have had a back up pump! 
Before the pump, Cory always had severe headaches.  I contributed it to the 
high and yo yoing blood sugars.  But now that he is back on NPH, he is once 
again complaining of severe headaches.  Does anyone know of a possible 

Hi Susan,    
     Hope your new pump arrives soon!  Yes, that is the reason I purchased 
the H-tron for Claire -- 2 pumps.  I thought carefully about my decision and 
decided that, for us, having 2 pumps was more important than the fancier 
features available with some of the other models.  Claire has mostly used her 
blue pump, which has been very dependable, despite being dropped on the 
ceramic tile kitchen floor (yikes!!).
     Claire also had bad headaches often while on injections and like you, I 
attributed them to the bouncing bgs and also all the stress associated with 
injections.  NPH never worked well in her.  Headaches have been very rare 
since pumping.  I hope to never have to give her NPH again.  
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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