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[IP] Any Advice?

I broke my left ankle...tore ligaments...displaced the joint...and I now
am OFF this leg for three weeks at least before the Dr. will consider a
walking cast.

I also can't use crutches as a form of mobility due to tendonitis in
right wrist so have a walker with an armrest attachment.  But due to
stairs  in and out of my home...I am rather stuck indoors and with leg
elevated...as are my blood sugars!!!

I was wondering if anyone has been in a similar resting state and how
you dealt with the change in your lifestyle and using the pump?  Did you
raise basal rates for the entire 24 hour profile or just bolus for the
high's?  Change you bolus profile?  I understand this is a YMMV
situation but was just curious...PRIVATE REPLIES are requested.

I am only into Day 2 of my healing process with broken ankle and already
going crazy stuck in the recliner!

Thanks in Advance.

Becky LaSpina
(507c) IDDM since 1957
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