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RE: [IP] Weight watchers

I missed the beginning of this thread, but am currently a first time member
of weight watchers.  I joined the day after Christmas (7 weeks ago) and have
lost 12 lbs (I still have about 20 to go).

It has been very easy with the pump.  I have just started to need to tweak
my basal rates because of the loss, but my bgs have stayed pretty
consistent.  Actually better since I had been weighing and measuring
everything for points.  Thus I know better the carb content of the foods I
am eating.  I have noticed that the weeks that I eat more protein I tend to
lose a little more then weeks that I don't.  It is also important to eat
lots of veggies and drink tons of water.  

I also have hypothyroidism and was concerned that that might hinder my
weight loss.  So far that doesn't seem to be effecting it.

-- Sherry

Pump 12/99 - MM508 (Humalog)
Dxd   8/80 - NPH/Reg
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