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Re: [IP] sports & medic alert

 My son usually wears a soft bracelet anyway. My dtr.
(12) however thinks they are ugly, is very interested
in fashion now and will only wear the metal bracelets.
If she takes it off, it is forgotten.

I do think the risk of injury is exaggerated. Ever see
how many major league baseball players wear earrings
and necklaces out on the field? Just about any sport
is potentially hazardous. Collisions with heads,
cleats, sticks, bats and balls can do more damage than
a bracelet ever could. My oldest son got a nasty shin
laceration one year by someone's cleat. Maybe cleats
should be banned from the field! (I'm joking folks,
but you see my point).

--- email @ redacted wrote:

> When Katie was taking Tae Kwon Do, we compromised by
> getting some of those 
> soft stretchy cloth sweatbands that (at least in my
> memory) pro tennis 
> players used to wear all the time on their wrists. 
> She just put one of those 
> on over her bracelet . . . 

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