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Re: [IP] Weight watchers

I too am a big proponent of WW, having lost 13 lbs from October-February 2001 
& keeping it off until recently. When I started putting on just a few pounds, 
I returned & am doing very well...
    More to the point, I sat with 2 lovely older women & in the course of 
discussion, one mentioned that she has diabetes (type 2) for 25 yrs +. I told 
her about my daughter & about my involvement with JDRF, research, etc. We 
discussed why she'd only lost 1/4 pound in about 4 weeks. I suggested she eat 
the same # of points, but shift the composition to more veggies & proteins 
and less carbs.
    She proudly announced to the class that this week she lost 1.25 lbs 
because she'd taken that advice. Interestingly, she also had 2 severe lows 
for the first time in ages, adding credence to the notion that the 
carbohydrates - whether type I or II- play a significant role in how the body 
Renee (Melissa's pump mom who wishes she had the time to keep up with the 
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