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Re: [IP] Weight watchers

In a message dated 2/11/2002 9:26:30 AM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I quit WW because I finally realized the weight loss wasn't going to
> happen
> just because of what I ate, but also my insulin intake

I was on WW for 1 month and only lost 3 lbs. I was so discouraged and told my 
dr about it and he said because I have polysistic ovaries I would have to get 
exercise 3x a day( after meals) for 10 - 15 minutes each time to help 
kickstart my metabolism and help the ww program work, I've been doing this 
about 3 weeks now and have lost 10.8 pounds!  I am not diabetic though, but I 
am letting Jake(who is diabetic) follow the ww points do it and his insulin 
has dropped for basals 0.1 and of course his meal boluses are less because he 
is eating less. He has not lost any weight, but one of his exercise times is 
weightlifting so he is buffing up for baseball season may be why he's 
replacing w/ muscle. He is 5'3" and 130 lbs and needs to lose about15 pounds. 
He doesn't look overweight, but the inherited tendencies are there. My 
husband and I are both large. Even in weight loss I think it's an individual 
thing, my sister-in-law started w/ me and has lost 30 pounds and has not 
exercised yet! She wouldn't know how to break a sweat! Good luck! Trena (mom 
to Jake 11)
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