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[IP] pump malfunction

Cory's pump decided to "eat batteries."  They used to last 4 - 5 weeks.  Two 
weeks ago the new ones lasted about a week, the next ones lasted a couple of 
days, next ones about a day and by Saturday night the lastest ones only 
lasted 30 minutes!  I called MiniMed and they are sending a refurbished pump. 
 It should be here Tuesday.  Meanwhile, I had to test his b/s and give 
humalog injections every 2 hours Saturday night.  On Sunday we were able to 
add NPH so that has reduced the # and frequency of shots.  Now I am wishing 
we had gotten the Diestronic so we would have had a back up pump! 
Before the pump, Cory always had severe headaches.  I contributed it to the 
high and yo yoing blood sugars.  But now that he is back on NPH, he is once 
again complaining of severe headaches.  Does anyone know of a possible 
connection?  His blood sugar is in good control with the NPH and Humalog -- 
SURPRISE!  It had been rather eractic the past month and so now I am 
wondering if the pump has been malfunctioning and I wasn't aware of it.  The 
self test never revealed a problem.
Anxiously awaiting a replacement pump,
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