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Re: [IP] ??? for those using arm or leg sites

In a message dated 2/11/2002 4:32:59 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Just tell her that if she uses her butt, that her bikini bottom will 
>  hide the set when she swims :-)
>  That was my daughter's motivation for switching to her backside. I 
>  didn't think it up, she did.

Yep, tried that one -- isn't gonna fly, at least not yet.  maybe I'll try it 
again this summer  (kinda chilly for bikinis right now)

>  Take a look at the ABOUT page. The Sil/Tender/Comfort sets are THE 
>  MOST POPULAR set. My daughter says they are the most comfortable to 
>  wear though she is not crazy about inserting them.... she won't use 
>  anything else now. The do go in easily though they look rather 
>  wicked.

I even inserted one on myself (I'm always the guinea pig around here) -- and 
I was amazed.  Wicked looking is right, but there was absolutely no pain 
(none!)  at all on insertion and it was comfortable to wear .  .  . I may 
wait till Animas' new EZset comes out before I try to pitch the idea to her 
again.  They're supposed to offer an option for a shorter cannula length 
(presumably with a shorter insertion needle) -- and there's even an inserter 
pending FDA approval (Katie is a firm believer in inserters -- me, I like to 
slide the needle in at my own speed . . .).

Pumpmama to Katie
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