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Re: [IP] Freestyle Meter

Kathy B.,

I've had three or four different glucose meters over the past 20 years and 
the Freestyle meter is the absolute best.  It reads out quickly and is fairly 
accurate when I compare the reading to the one in the doctor's office.  He 
uses a Freestyle meter also.  The thing I like about it is the amount of 
blood you need for a test.....a PIN SIZE Drop is enough and you can use the 
automatic pricker  (I don't know what else to call it) on your forearm and it 
is not painful at all, at least not like using the fingers.
You only need one very small drop of blood and you insert the tape into the 
machine and place it by the drop and it sucks it up into the tab and you have 
a reading in around 10 seconds.  The only problem I've had with the monitor 
was several weeks ago, when I kept getting error messages and it was very 
frustrating.  I called the toll free Helpline that I mentioned and the lady 
walked me through it and got it working again.  They also sent me another 
Freestyle Meter and accessories, because she felt I needed a backup, in case 
this happened again.  She also sent two vials of test strips to replace the 
ones I messed up when it wasn't working correctly.  All of this was 
completely without any cost to me and they sent it overnight Fed Ex.  You 
can't beat that for service.

Not knowing what kind of comments you've heard about the Freestyle Meter, It 
is difficult for me to comment on them, but I've been very happy with it.  I 
can check my blood sugar level in less than 45 seconds.

Let me know If I can help out in any way with your making a decision.

Bill Curtis
email @ redacted
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