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[IP] Pumps for Rufus/Ruby Bears

On the Parents list  (at Chidren with Diabetes web site)  there have been a 
number of parents of young children (3-7 year olds) that are soon to be or 
new pumpers who really want to get a pump for their Rufus/Ruby Diabetes 
Bears.  Anybody out there seen any Pump replicas (or even regular pump 
casings without the "guts") at Diabetes fairs, etc. ?  I don't really have 
much in the way of contacts with the pump companies, but am hoping that 
somebody out there in IP-land might be able to come up with something that 
will work for these kids (and they're kids who are or will be pumping with 
pumps from all three of the main pump co's).  I posted about this once before 
and one smart Dad told about getting a toy pager and hooking an infusion set 
to it for his child -- but I know of at least one instance where a precocious 
pre-schooler examined a similar set-up and tossed it away in disdain, 
demanding a real pump for his Rufus bear . . . So I'm hoping fo rsomething  
that at least looks like a pump . . .

Thanks in advance!

Pumpmama to Katie
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