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[IP] Mental Health Breaks - Vent

Okay, despite all the pink smoke and rose pedals that fly around in here
about how the pump improves your quality of life, the truth is that there
are days when I can't stand the thing!  Yes, my a1c's are stellar with the
pump (ten year vet, no less... just upgraded to MM 508 last spring), but I
hate the rigorous testing, carb counting, correction boluses, record
keeping, etc. that comes along with intensive management.  Answering a
previous thread from my own perspective, yes adult basal requirements
change.  Even if they don't change frequently, you have to check them
frequently just to verify that.  What a pain!  Yes, sub-six a1c's are
wonderful, but for me they come with a lot of lows and jelly donuts.
Occasionally, I just get way over the idea of having another piece of
technology strapped to my belt, and leave the darn thing home.  I'll go back
to MDI for a day, or a week, or however long it takes me to get discouraged
with my bg readings, and then put the pump back on.  I'm not sure if quality
of life improves or if I just have something else to occupy my OCD for a
while. ;-)

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