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[IP] Re: FreeStyle meter and low carb drinks

Noah uses the Dex meter during the day, but my husband and I use the 
FreeStyle on him during the night.  It is amazing!  Requires the 
tiniest droplet of blood, doesn't pinch or hurt in any way (using the 
forearm).  I tried it on myself and didn't feel any pinching or pain. 
We're able to test him while he's asleep and it never wakens him...so 
his sleep goes on undisturbed.  I only wish I could say the same for 

Cindy, mom to 15 y/o pumping Noah, dx at age 9, and
Micah, age 11
wife to Steve

P.S.  I don't know if anyone has discovered the Fruit 2 0 drinks by 
VeryFine but we love them!  They are non-carbonated flavored water 
(strawberry, orange, raspberry, lemon) with no carbs, sweetened with 
Splenda.  I like to avoid consuming too much aspartame.  I know, I 
know.  No conclusive evidence about it being harmful, but none to 
prove the opposite either.  Anyway, the Fruit 2 0 drinks are a little 
pricey in grocery stores, around $4.00 for a six pack of 16 oz. 
bottles.  I can drink 2-3 each day!  Sam's Club has them for $9.50 
for a 24 pack.  If anyone knows where you can find them at a 
reasonable price on the 'net, please let me know.  We also like the 
Diet V-8 Splash and Ocean Spray Light drinks.  Low carb, but not zero 
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