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Re: [IP] Weight watchers

In a message dated 2/11/02 3:03:01 PM !!!First Boot!!!, email @ redacted 

<< I am curious as to if anyone here has been on the Weight Watchers points
 system.  It looks interesting and I am considering giving it a try but not
 quite sure how I can manage it counting carbs, points, etc....
I have been on the point system however I don't have diabetes; my son does.  
My son's dietician put him on a diet consisting of a certain number of carbs 
per meal and snacks.  I think the W. Watchers point system is based on 1 
point per approx. 50 calories.  W. Watchers is a sound, nutritional way to 
lose weight, but you may want to save your money and see a dietician who can 
give you a carb plan instead.
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