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Re: [IP] Weight watchers

Gayle, I was on WW for about 10 months.  I lost a couple of pounds, but
that was it.  But I have been trying to lose about 40 pounds I gained
while since being on insulin(reference my other e-mail to Jeff).

My opinion is it WW is good because it makes you constantly aware of what
you put in your mouth.  Yes, points and carbs will have you feeling like
life depends on numbers, but the meetings/recipes are good.  I suggest
you don't skip the meetings; they provide encouragement even if you don't
say a word!
My group leader was also a dietician.  When I talked to her privately re
my lack of progress, she suggested I add a few more points to daily point
value and suggested those points should be protein.

I quit WW because I finally realized the weight loss wasn't going to
just because of what I ate, but also my insulin intake.  But WW
principles are
great.  I think it depends on what you personally need/want from it.

Hope this helps.

Peggy Haeger
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