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Re: [IP] Weight watchers

"I am curious as to if anyone here has been on the Weight Watchers points system.  It looks interesting and I am considering giving it a try but not quite sure how I can manage it counting carbs, points, etc...."

Hi Gayle - I was on weight watchers for awhile before my move - I think it is an excellent program and you can make it work with the points. Unfortunately I had a problem with the instructor not liking how I was recording - I was using the charts out of the Walsh book so that I could keep track of all my pump stuff - on the bottom was the place about food - so I recorded my meals - listed carbs - and then points. 

I think it may end up being a bit more on carbs (a few foods "Points" don't quite jive with servings for carbs but with some juggling you can probably work those out) - but I'm a little hazy on that. But I know that many people do really well. I switched meetings when I went back to work full time and chose a lunchtime meeting that was near my office - unfortunately it met at a bowling alley meeting room - and you weren't allowed to bring in outside food - yet of course all they had were typical junk snack food - so I gave up on it at that point - but it wasn't the program. So I say give it a try - but you might want to sit down with the instructor and see if you are on the same wave length before you commit to a whole lot of weeks. 

good luck
Linda & Dax
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