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Re: [IP] Latest endo visit and weight

Jeff, thanks for the input.  I do hope the process helps you.  I
understand how hard it is and I have not really re-adjusted my basal
rates much either.  I do
change to a temporary basal rate from 1.2 to .7 when I excercise.  I
change it to that for about 2 hours, (one hour while I am working out and
an hour after to compensate for the excercise--this has helped me to
alleviate a low late in the afternoon around 4 or 4:30 p.m.).  I try to
work out after lunch about 1:30 p.m.  They say it's better to work out in
the morning, as that is when bg generally rises anyway, but I always feel
better after lunch.  (I tend to go low late morning also around 11:30

I don't recall what the ratio is of units per body weight--if there is a
chart somewhere I'm not aware of it!  I think it is so individual anyway,
with stress, routine, hormones, etc., etc.  it is hard to say how much
insulin a person needs vs. another.

People don't realize the devastating effect stress has on the body.  When
I was diagnosed about 5-6 years ago, I was commuting 4 hours perday, 2
each way into the city, I had a great job, but high enery needed.  I also
have a six year old, then he was 1 and 1/2.  My husband has a high
profile job, so I was ALWAYS on the go.  I think the stress pushed me
over the edge.  My pancreas stopped producing insulin.  I was diagnosed
as a type 1 at age 41!
I had to totally change my lifestyle.  I gave up my career/over the last
few years I have done freelance, but it's nothing compared to what I used
to do.
I have been on Effexor for the last five years.  It helps, but it has
taken me several years to accept that I had to resign, change my life,
etc.  It is easy to
type it here, but it has been devastating to me personally--not to
mention how the diabetes has made me feel!  Anyway, my solace is
hopefully better health and my wonderful family.  But my point is that I
personally know, stress can turn your life--and body--upside down. 
Managing stress is a key factor.

Did the doctor recommend a temporary basal rate while you do light to
moderate activity?  It might help.  It's a delicate balance, to be sure. 
For a long time (and sometimes still) I have felt like I was chasing the
insulin with food. Now, after much trial and error, I finally know my
insulin to carb ratio
is 1unit insulin: 8grams of carb.   and one unit of insulin lowers my bg
by 50
points.  I use the minimed correction bolus/meal bolus calculator.  It
may sound elementary to you, but I just use that so I don't have to
think!  (I found I wasn't bolusing enough for food/correcting high bg
before meals.)

So I don't know if the weight will ever come off.  Like I said, I've been
working on it for a year or two, without changing the amount of insulin I
take and my weight hasn't budged.  Perhaps I need to look at the process
you are talking about.  Like you, I am hesitant to  change anything,
especially after you feel you've made improvements, but I think diabetes
is really about
change management, right?  Nothing stays the same.

Your accomplishment of just managing all the stress in your life is huge;
I hope this works for you and would appreciate anything you learn along
the way.

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