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Re: [IP] huge needles

> My pump start date is 2/20/02--and I'm psyching up for the start, but am
> FREAKING out over the size of the insertion needles for my MiniMed 508.
> I have 19% body fat, and I can't pinch an inch anywhere...They are all
> HUGE---any thoughts on how to get over the size issue?  Or is there an
> infusion set that uses a shorter infusion needle?  Thanks!!

Freak out! That's what I do :)

I've been pumping for 3 years now, and I STILL don't like it. I've tried
soft-set, but I can't handle all of the extra tape and those damn 'tails.
Now I'm using silhouettes, and let me tell you, the needles are big :)

There's a 'serter for the silhouettes, but I just don't have the nerve to
use it :)

Even though I don't like the big needles, you'll come to terms with it.
I'm thinking about trying out quick-sets, I'll tell you how they are...

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