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[IP] blood pressure meds

I recently joined this group and there is such a wealth of information here.  

Here goes my dilemma....My blood pressure has slowly been creeping up the 
past few years (sometimes it is a little high and other times it has been 
pretty normal).  However, I thought I was just nervous having a stress echo 
done because my BP was 148/88 before I started the treadmill.  While 
exercising it went to 222/78  :(

I talked to my PCP and he said to check the BP  a few times this week and let 
him know what it is reading.  Yesterday (at work) it was 160/90 and I wasn't 
feeling the pressure of a busy day.

I was wondering if there are some BP medicines you should NOT be on because 
of the diabetes.  My PCP mentioned going on Vasotek, but then I read it can 
cause Acute Renal Failure.  SO far my kidneys are good and I don't want to 
jeopardize them.

Dx Type 1: June 1983
pumping since 2/01/02
MM 508
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