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[IP] Re: Diet Mountain Dew

Kress Family <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Jeff wrote:
> snip>>The second highest ingredient in Diet Mt. Dew, including
> caffeine free, which is what I'm reading from, is concentrated orange
> juice.  It does, indeed, say it has 0% carbs.<<
> If orange juice is listed in the ingredients, then by law, cannot
> have more than a trace amount, less than 1 carb for the entire can.

As far as I'm concerned it certainly doesn't.  I drink Diet Mountain Dew all
the time, with no impact on my blood sugar whatsoever.  Yes, OJ concentrate
is on the ingredients list, but it has  to be a trace amount.  Besides, if
it were more than a trace, that fact would be proudly proclaimed on the can
("Contains Juice!") and in the advertising.

Diet Mountain Dew also contains a trace amount of vegetable oil, as I recall
(I've heard that's what makes it cloudy)

Perhaps there's a problem at the local bottler for the original poster, and
the "Diet" contains more carbs than it should, but I know I can drink Diet
Mountain Dew with no problems.

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