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[IP] Qlty of Life

We all hate this disease!  My b.g. are not consistent either before pump or
now on pump but I sure as heck like not having to stick myself at least 4x's
a day with needles either!

I check my b.g. a lot more often now and have very caloused fingertips and
lots of times can't even get a pin drop of blood BUT I have learned a lot
about my body since being on the pump and that is a very good thing.

I have learned about different foods and how the affect me and my b.g., I
have learned to read nutrition labels a lot more carefully and count carbs
and find more foods w/high fiber count, I have learned to get better in math
(even with a calculator) and in doing formulas...but most of all.....

I have learned that I am a diabetic and no matter how hard I try to stay in
control, there are a zillion outside forces and other ailments which will
change my numbers....

The key here is to try your best and to go with the flow...don't drive
yourself crazy because until we have a cure, we will always have some sort
of difficulties in keeping good numbers all the time.

Hugs to you and all the other "D"'s out there!
Kathy B.
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