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RE: [IP] Why Do I Do This?wendy

2 things the brain needs is glucose and oxygen. without the presence of
these basic items there is no brain function and the cells die.

Spot, :) .....that's why I keep tellin' you guys that I'm brain dead~!  With
all the lows I've had over 35 years, my brain is definitely fried!!!  I have
a case of can't remember things, people's names, nothing...very embarassing
at times when you know something but it just won't come to you.

I leave notes all over the place so I don't forget stuff as well...

How many times have I walked into a room only to forget why I went in there
in the first place.  I have to then retrace my steps in my mind to remember
what I was originally doing and what I went into that room for....

So, the moral to this story is..............try to stay above the lows as
much as you can or else you'll wind up like me!!!  LOL...

Hugs to all
Kathy B.
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