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RE: [IP] How to bolus for protein

Can someone give me the basics for bolusing for protein.
This is very frustrating, my control has been pretty
tight lately~when this happens I feel liked I've screwed up somewhere.

Oh Jan, we all manage to screw up sometimes cause some things we just can't
get perfect.

Sounds to me like a few things.  Either you ate too much protein which none
of us should do anyway, or you had some fat in your meal that you didn't
figure in or didn't know about and that's why your b.g. keeps going up.

Sometimes there are other factors that key into your b.g. rising and who
knows why?

Last night I had a small piece of boston cream pie, bolused accurately for
it and by bedtime was over 500. I bolused for it, set my alarm to check at 3
am and was down to 120 and I ate a half donut cause I knew that was too low
after 3 hours time...sure enough, woke up this morning with a 49 and pop
goes the glucose tablets.....

The gastreo...can be playing a part in all of this as well..I know for me,
sometimes stomach works fine and other times it doesn't...I've given up
trying to figure that one out...I'm just going with the flow!!!

Don't worry about a mess up once in a while.  '
Kathy B.
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