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[IP] "Who's the best"

"Here Shortly I am going to bring in some facts for everyone and end the
topic of "who's the best"..  so stay tuned once I receive all the facts I
will post them.."  I thought the basis of this digest, was for "helping"
each other out and sharing advice from often hard earned experience. 
Isn't it time to accept fellow pumpers and families, regardless of race,
religion, creed, color, and pump choice?  We all did extensive search for
answers and information before we made our respective choices...we all
had our reasons, and have the right to have confidence in our pump
choice, we do not have the right to push our beliefs, on others!  As long
as we are all getting the satisfaction we need for ourselves or our
children, isn't that the main idea? Sorry, I don't like the conflicts I
am seeing on this digest, we all need each other and need to keep the
humor and the friendships we have earned.  I want to Thank each and
everyone of you that post to this digest, you have all helped  me out,
many times! Judy, mom to Jake(13) pumping since 8/01 
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