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Re:[IP] Latest endo visit and weight

In a message dated 02/10/2002 1:37:59 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> From: "Peggy A. Haeger, CMP" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IP] Latest endo visit and weight
> I take about 45-50 units of insulin a day; how much do you take?  I am
> Type 1, are you?  I have had a history of bouncing bg, lots of highs and
> lows, so I figure part of the weight is a result of chasing lows.
> If I've missed something, forgive me, but if you have any info that I can
> use to get this extra weight off, PLEASE let me know.  I'm out of
> resources!
> Thanks.
> Peggy Haeger

Yes, I am type 1.  I actually take about 50 - 60 units of Humalog a day.  My 
normal basil rates are 43.5 units a day, plus my mealtime boluses, which are 
usually 4 - 6 more units.  I got my pump four years ago.  I was under a lot 
of stress and my bg was running too high.  Stress really freaks me out 
because I push it all down and keep it bottled up inside.  The six shots a 
day were no longer keeping my bg under control.  When I got my pump, I had to 
keep increasing my insulin until I finally got my bg down to normal ranges.  
I gained about 40 pounds in a few months and have never been able to get it 
off.  I moved to another state a month after I got my pump.  My endo worked 
with me over the phone for a few months until everything was balanced.  She 
told me that I would probably want to reduce my insulin basil rates, but I 
needed to adjust to the pump first and get settled in my new city.

Part of the problem I have had is that I have lived in three different states 
since I was put on the pump.  So...I've had four different endos and none of 
them get to know my normal routine well enough to help me adjust my insulin.  
Considering all the upheaval we've had in our lives with all the moves, I was 
a little depressed and very stressed.  My current endo started me on 
Wellbutrin first thing to help me cope with life until I could sort things 
out.  He didn't even want to talk about my weight until I could get things 
under control.  My hgA1c has consistently come down for the past year, so he 
now wants me to concentrate on reducing the insulin.

My doctor didn't tell me a whole lot about the process...just that taking 
that much insulin tends to make you overeat in general and to have to add a 
lot more carbs for all the low sugars.  He said if I keep my pre-meal bg 
below 120 consistently for several days, then I can lower my basal rates by 
.1 across the board.  Once my body adjusts to the new basal rates, I do the 
same thing again.  I will keep going until he sees me again in July.  I am 
definitely over-insulinated.  Most people don't take as much insulin as I do. 
 Two of my past four doctors have told me that.  My body weight and my 
insulin intake don't match up.  Also, I'm taking so much insulin that if I do 
something light, like vacuuming the carpet, my bg drops like a rock.  You can 
imagine the struggles I have with exercise.  I have to stop several times and 
take in carbs to get my bg up to a safe level.  I think the general idea in 
reducing my basil rates is that I won't have to have as much food as my body 
currently demands because it is saturated with all this insulin.

Of course, I still will try to eat right and do the exercise thing to help 
the process.  Hopefully, all my exercise won't result in constant low bgs so 
the weight will begin to come off.  I don't know if that helps.  It is going 
to be a new thing for me.  I've never adjusted my basil rates.

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