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Re: [IP] Severe Lows

<<From: "James Parsons" <email @ redacted>
I have been using glucose tabs for many years, but have always found them
inadequate for severe lows. For borderline lows, e.g. 60-80, they bring up
to normal with no rebound. But for readings under 60, they just don't work,
either not fast and/or strong enough.>>

We've found for lows <50 in Luke that it takes about 30g carb, like 
4 glucose tabs + a couple of suckers (like Dum-Dums) or other hard 
candies.  His endo recommended the hard candies since some of the sugar 
can be absorbed in the mouth.  I like the suckers since we can hold on
to them & I feel less like he's going to choke (we get to do this 
occasionally during the night when he's very sleepy).  The hard candy
also seems to help Luke overcome that feeling of having to eat everything,
although when he gets that way now, we just let him eat and then 
bolus for it.  Thank goodness for pumping!

Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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