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Re: [IP] Quick Set Questions

My last 3 sites(in 24 hours)  have been bad and this
is what i did. 
1)the first one hurt like he#$%%%!! And it wouldn't
settle down, so I disconnected at the site, pulled out
the old set, re set a new one, took off the new
tubing, primed the old tubing till I saw insulin come
out, connected to the new set and primed for.3. (Thats
what the quick set calls for).
 2) the new set felt alright but my sugars were up big
time(500), so i thought i may have used some old
insulin. So I filled a new reservoir and hooked up the
new tubing I save anything I don't use) from the
problem above, primed till I saw insulin and connected
to the old site. But.......  my sugars continued to be
high so back to the site. 3)I pulled off the new set
and sure enough the cannula was bent. It's enough to
think about going back to shots. any other
--- Babs Moffett <email @ redacted> wrote:
>     Occasionally - when I first put in a quick set,
> I can tell right away it's not going to work. 
> Either I feel it go in goofy,  when I pull the
> needle out it's bent (so I'm afraid the canula is

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