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[IP] Why Do I Do This?wendy

2 things the brain needs is glucose and oxygen. without the presence of these basic items there is no brain function and the cells die. when only a small amount og glucose is present, the brain turns off most non essential thinking and conserves glucose and oxygen. during this time whiuch occurs at different thresholds for each individual you cant do anything not even fairly automatic stuff like cover your mouth for a sneeze. so you can't think either. after this period, when glucose is restored you usually are amnesic for the period your brain was on autopilot.  you may also have a seizure. low blood glucose levels can be fatal. i have witnessed it in patients. If you live alone put a big notice on your refrigerator door  that you have diabetes. the brain fries itself if there is no glucose. in todays screwed up world the paramedics responding to a help call and seeing you unable to talk or move may think of overdose first. spot 

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