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[IP] Re: Severe Lows

In a message dated 2/10/02 3:38:19 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< does anyone know of anything that is any
faster acting than glucose tablets? >>

I don't know that I get up to normal any quicker, but I sometimes find I can 
feel the beginnings of results more quickly if I suck rather than bite the 
glucose tab (or other candy).  This may be particularly true for me because 
of my gastroparesis, but my understanding of what is happening is that the 
digestive enzymes in my saliva can work a lot quicker than those farther 
along in the digestive tract.  I also find sucking a life saver or other 
small candy can help me feel more competent when I'm in one of those 
not-feeling-quite-right but normal-bg-reading kind of times.  I assume it's 
because I get a little rush of glucose right away.  Pre-pump, I did it when 
driving quite a bit, not, of course, taking a shot for it because who could 
measure that small an amount of insulin in a syringe?  Now I can bolus the 
.1-.2 unit I need, depending on the size of the candy.

Linda Z 
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