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[IP] Quick Set Questions

    Occasionally - when I first put in a quick set, I can tell right away it's not going to work.  Either I feel it go in goofy,  when I pull the needle out it's bent (so I'm afraid the canula is bent or punctured) or it's a bleeder.  I hate wasting all that insulin and tubing.  So I disconnect it. Then I put another set into me
without putting any insulin in it.  Then I connect the tubing with the insulin in it to the one that's in me.  Then I prime the insulin into the cannula.  I usually prime about 1.5 units  because I figure I would normally prime .5 after pulling the needle out and I am allowing an extra unit for the fact that there had been none
anywhere in the set.  However I usually go high afterwards and have to correct.  Like I said, I don't do it very often, so I don't have any real pattern of how much to correct.  Does anyone else do this and, if so, how much do you prime?   I love quicksets, but I which you could disconnect a little differently to solve this
problem.  I know in theory I shouldn't do it this way but, hey it saves time and insulin.

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